Fire Safety Signs

At KPCM Health & Safety we offer a vast range of fire safety signage, which is suitable to use in all working environments. The safety signs can clearly point out exits and equipment to use, in case of fire based emergency. Having notices that are clear and concise will assist in the safe evacuation of a building in the event of a fire. Offering everything from assembly point notices to fire exit signs, KPCM Health & Safety have you covered.

Fire safety signs are one of the most important types of health and safety sign. A fire safety sign is a sign that instructs people how to react in a fire situation, or what to do to prevent them from occurring, for example "Fire Door Keep Shut Sign".
Fire safety signs serve a multitude of roles within buildings and public spaces.  By having them in your building you can be sure that if that there is ever a fire, your employees, or the general public will know how to react. Fire safety signs can be split into 3 main categories:

Fire Exit Signs 
Fire Action Signs
Fire Equipment Signs

Fire exit signs are legally required to be displayed in all public buildings or workplaces in the United Kingdom, rightfully so - they show the quickest and/or safest route to the nearest fire exit.
Fire action signs contain instructions on what actions people in the building should take during a fire. Fire action signs depict important information, such as where the designated assembly point is, or who the buildings fire warden may be.
Fire equipment signs are also an important type of fire safety sign. They are vital to highlight the positions of essential firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers or fire alarms.
Fire safety signs do not follow any strict guidelines for colour or shape; however, it is required that they are always visible even in situations where a buildings lights go out. If your building has not got emergency lights, we would recommend using photoluminescent signs.

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