Fire Action Signs

At KPCM Display we offer a range of high quality fire action safety signage. Our range consists of a range of fire action signs and notices, to help ensure your premises can be safely evacuated during a fire. As one of the largest suppliers of fire action signage, we have a full range of signs and notices such as fire action signs and gas actions signs; making evacuating your business more efficient and safe. When it comes to needing fire action signs in the UK, then look no further than KPCM Display.


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Quality Fire Action Signs

Offering a range of quality fire action signs, we can provide your business with fire action notices that clearly instruct the reader what to do; by displaying clear text and pictograms. Our range of fire action signage is available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours, to ensure that your business meets current UK legislation.

Why Use Fire Action Signage?

Using fire action signs and notices around your business isn’t a choice, it’s law. It’s essential for all businesses to display some sort of fire action signage around their premises to ensure they are complying with UK Health and Safety legislation. Fire action signs helps to instruct people in what they must and mustn’t do, should a fire happen to break out. Fire action signs are particularly important to visitors to your premises, as they may not be familiar with your fire procedures, so having the correct fire action sign displayed could avoid a potential unfortunate incident.

Where Should Fire Action Signs Be Displayed?

When it comes to UK legislation, businesses much follow the Health and Safety (Safety Sings and Signals) Regulations 1996. This means having fire action signs placed around your premises in places unobstructed by view, to ensure people can follow the instructions in the event of a fire; fire action signage can quickly convey what evacuees must and mustn’t do.

Positioning Fire Action Notices

As part of businesses fire procedures they will usually position this fire action signs in places where there is a high footfall, like the reception or the canteen. At KPCM Display we offer a range of fire action signs and notices that are suitable to be displayed around the office such as ‘break in case of emergency’ above a fire alarm. The most effective places to display fire action signage is near or adjacent to every fire alarm call point.

Appearance Of Fire Action Signage

When it comes to fire action signage it’s important to display fire action signs and notices in places that are noticeable and visible. The range of fire action signs we offer are made of a variety of materials making them perfect for use in both light and dark conditions. Our fire action signs we offer are manufactured to make both the text and pictograms stand out, while also lasting as long as possible during a fire.

But Your Fire Action Signs From KPCM Display

When it comes to needing fire action signs for your business then look no further than KPCM Display. We have been offering fire action signage to customers throughout the UK for a number of years and have become known for the quality of the fire actions signs and notices that we offer. With all our fire actions signs coming in a range of styles, sizes and colours, we have fire action signage for all your display purposes. From what to do in case of a fire to fire alarm signage, be sure to check out our range. Feel free to browse our full range of fire health and safety signs. Should you require more information before purchasing a fire action sign, be sure to get in touch with KPCM Display and we’ll be more than happy to help.