Environmental Signs

Environmental signage is not just necessary for your business, it’s also a requirement by law. As well as making sure that you are providing people in your business with the right information, they also encourage and advise environmental requirements. Check out our range of environmental signage below.


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Why should I display environmental signs?

By showing your clients, customers and visitors these signs, you are demonstrating that you comply with environmental laws as well as running your business efficiently and effectively. These health and safety signs including ‘please keep off the footpath’ and ‘water mains shut off valves’, will also ensure the protection of individuals on your premises.

Where should I place environmental signs?

Environmental signage should be placed in the appropriate areas, for example, water valve signs should be located near the water valve area, with enough time for the sign to be seen and instructions to be followed. Putting vital information in prominent places is one of your top priorities as a business, to ensure the upmost safety of your staff, clients and anyone else visiting your premises.

Which environmental signs should I use?

When it comes to health and safety signage, at KPCM we offer an extensive range of signage solutions, with products guaranteed to meet your requirements. Our team of specialists can also help by providing advice and assistance when it comes to your business signs.

For signage guidance, simply contact a member of our team today.